Kuwait has lifted the ban on PCR tests for travellers.

Kuwait has lifted the ban on PCR tests for travellers.

On Wednesday, the Kuwaiti Cabinet voted to lift all anti-coronavirus vaccination and PCR testing requirements for arriving travellers.

During an exceptional meeting, the cabinet also determined that face masks would be optional in both indoor and outdoor settings, but that symptomatic Covid-19 patients would be required to wear masks.

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Kuwait has lifted the ban on PCR tests for travellers.

PCR testing would no longer be required at educational institutions and businesses, and all vaccinated and unvaccinated persons would have access to all public venues regardless of their vaccination status.

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PCR tests for travellers

The cabinet has also lifted quarantine rules for people who may have come into close contact with Covid-19 patients, but they must wear face masks for 14 days and submit to PCR tests within 14 days of the interaction.

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In addition, the cabinet ruled that patients must be quarantined at home for five days and must wear masks for another five days after they are released from quarantine.

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