India – Dubai Flight Updates | UAE Authorized Vaccination

India – Dubai Flight Updates | UAE Authorized Vaccination.(DHA)

India – Dubai Flight Updates | UAE Authorized Vaccination.

India - Dubai Flight Updates | UAE Authorized Vaccination.

India – Dubai Flights resume on June 23,

Due to Covid 19 Spread, UAE has Stopped the Flight Operations temporarily on April 24. Due to this, a large number of Indians have been stranded in India for two months.

In this Situation, Dubai-based airline Emirates has announced the resumption of passenger flights from india to the United Arab Emirates.

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New travel procedures issued by Dubai’s Crisis and Disaster Management Summit Committee have said that fully vaccinated passengers will be allowed to return to the United Arab Emirates.

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India – Dubai Flights resume on June 23,

It has also announced that it will launch passenger flights from India, South Africa and Nigeria from June 23 in accordance with these regulations.

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Travellers who have take the UAE Authorized Vaccination, will be allowed for enter into UAE.

According to the new travel procedures announced by Dubai on June 23, only those who have received two doses of the vaccines approved in the UAE  will be allowed to enter into UAE.

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The Crisis and Disaster Management Committee has announced updated travel protocols as part of a routine process to improve precautionary measures based on the latest local, regional and international developments.

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