Saudi Aramco plans to manufacture hydrogen powered vehicles in the country.

Saudi Aramco plans to manufacture hydrogen powered vehicles in the country.

Aramco’s LAB7

Saudi Aramco’s senior vice president for technical services, Ahmed Al-Saadi, stated that the firm intends to localize hydrogen car production as well as develop associated technologies through the company’s Advanced Innovation Center, or LAB7.

He believes that the usage of hydrogen fuel will help reduce emissions in the transportation industry, particularly in difficult-to-decarbonize categories like heavy trucks. “Saudi Aramco is working with leading automakers and technology companies to assist the development of internal combustion engine models, low-emission technologies, and efficient hybrid solutions,” he stated.

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According to Al-Saadi, the present trend of developing new fuels and efficient technology for internal combustion engines would help the automobile sector reduce emissions in the future.

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Saudi Aramco had previously announced that the first hydrogen powered truck will compete in the 2022 Dakar Rally, which began on January 1 from Jeddah on the first stage of this year’s more than 4,000-mile off-road event.

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The H2 Racing Truck, built by Gaussin SA in France and financed by Saudi Aramco, served as a showcase vehicle during the race’s opening 12-mile stage. This is part of Saudi Aramco’s initiative to support hydrogen powered vehicles. Fuel cells made of hydrogen are now lighter than batteries, making them a viable choice for long-haul trucks.

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In the first week of December, Saudi Aramco struck a deal with Gaussin, a French renewable energy technology company, to develop a sophisticated production plant for hydrogen powered vehicles in Saudi Arabia. Gaussin’s hydrogen powered vehicles and remote controlled/autonomous hydrogen racing truck research would be closely coordinated by Aramco’s LAB7. Al-Saadi, speaking at the event, stated that the agreement marks the beginning of a fruitful partnership to advance and promote hydrogen as a low-carbon transportation fuel.

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The state-of-the-art LAB7 facility in Dhahran would include specialized workshops open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with space for 19 projects and up to 300 innovators. LAB7 is unleashing a new generation of innovators: 21st-century digital and technical entrepreneurs.

LAB7 is a product development project named after the historic Dammam Well Number 7, Saudi Arabia’s first commercial oil well. It provides a platform for 21st-century pioneers to create revolutionary ideas from conception to completion, assisting them in turning their vision into reality.

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