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Want to edit or delete a comment you left on YouTube a while ago? You can do that by opening your YouTube Watch History and opening the video you have commented on. From there, you can easily find your comment to edit or delete. But what if you cannot find the YouTube video you commented on or want to edit or delete some old comments? Here’s how you can see all your YouTube comments on desktop, Android, and iOS.

Let’s start with the desktop as the process is fairly easy.

View All Your YouTube Comments on Desktop

1. To check your YouTube comment history, open the YouTube in your favorite browser. Click on the hamburger menu icon to open it and click on the History option in the menu.

2. In History, you should see the Comments option in the sidebar. Click on it to open.

comments option on YouTube desktop

3. This will open Your YouTube Comments inside the Google My Activity page. Here you can check out all the comments you have made on YouTube videos.

See all your comments on YouTube desktop

4. Simply click on the Cross icon beside the comment to delete that specific comment.

deleting old comments on YouTube desktop

5. To edit YouTube video comment, click on the video link below to open the video first. Then scroll down to the comment section, click on the three-dot menu beside your comment, and select the Edit option to edit the comment.

Google My Activity website features an alternative way to check comments history using which you can see all your YouTube Data including messages made on Live Chat. Click on the profile icon on YouTube > Manage your Google Account > Data and Privacy > YouTube History > Manage History. Here you should find your complete YouTube activity lists. Click on the Interactions tab in the sidebar and select the View Comments option.

opening comments from Google my activity page On YouTube desktop

This will land you on the same page. But along the way, you can check other YouTube data such as likes/dislikes, votes on community posts, and live chat messages.

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View All Your YouTube Comments on iOS

1. Open the YouTube app and tap on the profile icon at the top right corner.

Open profile settings on YouTube iOS

2. Here scroll down and select Your data in YouTube option.

Your data in YouTube on iOS app

3. It will open a web page in the YouTube app. Scroll down to Your YouTube dashboard section.

Your YouTube dashboard In YouTube data

4. Tap on More and select the Comments options.

opening comments from YouTube data On YouTube iOS app

5. There you go. You should find all the comments here on Your YouTube Comments page on Google My Activity website.

All the comments you made on YouTube

6. Just like on the desktop, you can tap on the cross icon to delete the YouTube comment or open and edit it on the video page.

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View All Your YouTube Comments on Android

1. Open the YouTube app and tap on the profile icon at the top right corner.

opening profile settings on YouTube Android

2. Then tap on Settings and select the History and privacy option in the Settings.

opening history in privacy settings on YouTube Android

3. Here select the Manage all activity option.

selecting manage all activity option in YouTube Android

4. It will open the Google My Activity page, but will display all your YouTube data instead of just comments. Tap on the Interactions option in the top bar.

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5. Here select the View Comments option under the Interactions tab to check out all the comments you made on YouTube.

viewing all comments on YouTube Android

6. Similar to desktop and iOS, tap on the cross icon to delete the comment. To edit it, tap on the video to open it and edit the comment from the video page.

See all the comments you made on YouTube Android

Manage All Your YouTube Comments

YouTube allows users to view and edit all the comments they have made on YouTube videos on both desktop and mobile apps. You can also edit or delete the comment if you so wish. However, you cannot delete any comments you made on YouTube from the Google My Activity page. It can be done from within the YouTube app only.

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