How can you keep your Aadhar card information safe?

How can you keep your Aadhar card information safe?

How can you keep your Aadhar card information safe

The Aadhar card is now regarded as a human identification card. Since the child’s enrollment in school, the Aadhar card has been required for all government programs.

The biometric and statistical accounts of a user are stored on the Aadhaar card. Many people, however, neglect to safeguard their Aadhar card. The security of the Aadhaar card provided by the Unique Identity Authority of India is not a concern for users. Many people are still misusing their Aadhaar cards.

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UIDAI has some features to protect your resources. Your details will be misused if the Aadhaar card is found in the wrong hands. UIDAI provides secure Aadhaar card to the people. This is a kind of electronic source card. It can be easily downloaded. This Aadhar card also provides unique 12 digit numbers to the users.

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What is the procedure:

First you need to send a sms to 1947 by writing “getotp”. in a Minute, you will get an OTP to your phone.

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After receiving the OTP, the Aadhaar card holders have to type LOCKUID and followed by your Aadhaar number and send it to 1947.

The Aadhaar Number will now be locked.

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