Health Insurance Council sets the benefits of Unified Health Insurance policy

Health Insurance Council sets the benefits of Unified Health Insurance policy

Posted by : Aahil Shaik
Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance regulates the benefits of Unified Health Insurance policy

The Council of Cooperation Health Insurance (CCHI) in Saudi Arabia specified the most important advantages of the unified health insurance policy regarding outpatient treatment expenses and hospital inpatient expenses. See Also : Procedure to check Umrah visa insurance validity

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The council specifies the value of treatment expenses in outpatient clinics includes 75 riyals (within unified network), 300 riyals for hospitals outside the unified minimum, 100 riyals for service providers outside the network and 10,000 riyals for returning the remains of the dead body to his original home country.

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– The expenses of pregnancy and childbirth amount to 15,000 riyals (Natural or caesarean), with complications for childbirth cases, which are overshadowed by the maximum benefit limit for this policy.

– The consolidated document for Health Insurance Council includes a package of benefits, including that the company that will refuse to insure the Saudis working for it or some members of their families, its services will be suspended, and its owners will be obligated to pay the value of insurance to the Saudi employee.

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