Industry First, Harley-Davidson Bike Rentals in Saudi Arabia

Industry First, Harley-Davidson Bike Rentals in Saudi Arabia

Lumi by Seera Group offers an industry first to Saudi Arabia with unique Harley-Davidson bike rentals.

Lumi, Seera Group’s vehicle rental division, has established an industry first in the Kingdom by only renting out Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Lumi has introduced the first fleet of touring and cruiser bikes in collaboration with Harley-Davidson Motor Company, allowing bike enthusiasts to explore the Kingdom in unrivalled luxury.

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Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The new service, a revolutionary new business model that will change the vehicle rental market, will benefit not only bike aficionados in the Kingdom, but also tourists as Saudi Arabia prepares to welcome worldwide travellers on both business and pleasure.

Two key strengths distinguish the collaboration:

One, the premium features and exceptional performance of Harley-Davidson bikes, supported by seamless service from experienced technicians;

and two, Lumi’s sophisticated booking experience, proven customer service, and significant rental industry understanding, which enables simple bike rentals. The bikes are hired out in the initial phase at Lumi’s counter at the Harley-Davidson shop in Riyadh and will be followed later by dedicated Lumi branch locations and an online booking service. Trending Now: DRB1921, 320km Speed Challenge new Saudi Supercar club

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Harley-Davidson Bike Rentals in Saudi Arabia

“At the core of this new relationship is Lumi’s commitment on providing innovative services that not only revolutionize the car rental sector but also provide outstanding lifestyle experiences for our clients,” stated Azfar Shakeel, Vice President of Lumi. With internal tourism on the rise and foreign travel on the rise, we are ready to welcome tourists as well as treat Saudi locals to new thrills, such as a thrilling Harley-Davidson trip around the Kingdom. Our cruisers and touring motorcycles are excellent for crisscrossing Saudi Arabia and seeing the Kingdom’s many tourism offerings.”

“It is with pleasure that Harley-Davidson Saudi Arabia announced the cooperation with Lumi, Seera Group’s Vehicle Rental Business, to supply Harley-Davidson rental bikes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” stated Monther Almutlaq, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Saudi Arabia. With Lumi’s experience in the car rental industry, we are certain that this move will provide new services and experiences to motorcycle enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and throughout the world.

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The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) has over a million and a half members, all of whom will be ecstatic at the prospect of visiting Saudi Arabia and enjoying numerous experiences on their motorcycles. This collaboration between Lumi, Seera Group’s Vehicle Rental Business, and Harley-Davidson Saudi Arabia seeks to improve the Saudi tourism experience in accordance with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.”

Harley-Davidson Bike Rentals in Saudi Arabia

Harley-Davidson has had a devoted following in Saudi Arabia since 1997 and is one of the most sought-after bikes among the young and fashionable. Users may now readily obtain Harley-Davidson bikes for a day, week, or a cross-country riding excursion because to Lumi’s extensive reach across the Kingdom. Customers can also apply for a motorcycle license after completing four hours of Harley Davidson instruction.

Lumi, one of the major car rental businesses, has just released a user-friendly and comprehensive app – an intuitive and seamless digital platform to further simplify and automate the online booking process, giving consumers with a speedy, secure online booking experience.

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In addition, as part of the Group’s wider programme, ‘Seera Safe,’ Lumi has implemented various safety measures, guaranteeing consumers of the greatest health and safety requirements. Enhanced cleaning processes include thoroughly sanitizing all bikes before renting them, with special attention devoted to high touch point locations. Temperature checks on employees and visitors have been implemented, as have social distancing measures, and digital processes and payments have been implemented to limit physical touch. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News

Lumi has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating its dedication to the highest quality standards. Lumi, which has a fleet of over 14,000 cars in the Kingdom and more than 150 corporate clients in the last five years, is reinforcing its credentials as Saudi Arabia’s top-performing rental business with new tech-driven offerings.


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