Flights between the UAE and Pakistan will restart from Dubai.

Flights between the UAE and Pakistan will restart from Dubai.

Airblue from UAE – Pakistan

According to the Khaleej Times, Pakistan’s largest private airline, airblue, will restart flights to Karachi from Dubai as passenger demand rises following the return of economic operations and the lifting of travel restrictions.

The airline’s inaugural flight would depart Dubai International Airport to Pakistan’s largest metropolis and commercial centre on January 15, 2022, according to Sohail Sheikh, airblue’s UAE country manager.

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Flights between UAE Pakistan-1

Flights between UAE Pakistan

“After a five-year hiatus, we will resume flights to Karachi. We stopped flying from Dubai to Karachi in August 2016, but due to high passenger demand, we will resume service on January 15, 2017 “On Friday, Sheikh told the Khaleej Times.

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Airblue will operate 56 weekly flights out of three UAE locations. It will fly 28 times a week from Dubai, 16 times a week from Sharjah, and 12 times a week from Abu Dhabi.

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“We’re growing our fleet and flights to provide our guests a better experience,” Sheikh explained.

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The airline, located in Islamabad, has an all-Airbus fleet of 11 aircraft, including the A321neo, A320-200, and A321-200. It just added two A321neo planes to its fleet, allowing it to extend its local and international operations.

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