The registration of the First Omicron version in Kuwait has been announced.

The registration of the First Omicron version in Kuwait has been announced.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that it had discovered the country’s first instance of Omicron strain of Corona virus (Covid-19) in a European person who had just come from an African country.

According to Kuwait News Agency, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, the official spokesperson for Kuwait’s Ministry of Health, claimed that the first Omicron illness occurred in a tourist arriving from one of Africa’s countries, where the spread of the Omicron strain has been verified.

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According to him, the sick person had previously got both doses of the Corona vaccination and is presently under institutional quarantine, as per health standards.

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As multiple countries reported the finding of the new variety, he said that the health ministry has taken all required preparations. According to the health ministry’s official spokeswoman, research have revealed that existing immunizations are effective against the new variety.

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first instance of Omicron-1

The pandemic situation in Kuwait is now normal; nevertheless, Kuwaiti nationals and resident expatriates are urged to receive a booster dosage of vaccination to assist the ministry in containing the virus’s spread, according to Al-Sanad.

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Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates reported last week that they had discovered the first instance of Omicron infection. A person from a North African country was infected, according to Saudi Arabia. While the UAE discovered it in an African lady who travelled from one African country to another through an Arab country without specifying which countries she visited.

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