Work to finish the “Final Exit” visa process Quickly in KSA.

Things to be done to complete the “Final Exit” visa process Quickly in KSA.

Jawazat ties the issuing of “final-exit” visa, to the payment of all outstanding debts.

Following a recent decision by the Directorate-General of Passports (JAWAZAT), the “final-exit” visas will only be provided to expatriates who have received their entitlements and paid all of their dues, including phone bills.

Those applying for “final-exit” visas must also confirm that no vehicle is registered in their names.

Jawazat has stated that if an expatriate owes others any financial entitlements or dues, then no “final-exit” visa will be provided.

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The “final-exit” visa can only be granted once the expatriate applicant has paid off all outstanding debts. Furthermore, there should be no visas that have been given previously that have remained unused and are recorded in the applicant’s name.

"Final Exit" visa process Quickly in KSA
Muqeem Jawazat


The validity of the “final-exit” visa is 60 days from the date of issuance, according to Jazwazat, and people who receive “final-exit” visas must depart the Kingdom within that time frame, regardless of the validity of their identification papers.

The visa for “final-exit” cannot be extended any longer. While the person is outside the Kingdom, no exit only visa can be issued.

There is no charge for obtaining a “final-exit” visa, according to Jazwazat.

The visa can be revoked by logging into the sponsor’s (kafeel’s) account on the “Absher” or “Muqeem” apps and paying an SR 1000 fine if the expatriate employee does not leave the Kingdom.

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However, the “exit-only visa” cannot be cancelled if the expatriate departs the country.

As a result, obtaining a new visa for the expatriate employee is required in order to bring him back to the Kingdom.

The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 60 days in order to receive a “final-exit” visa.

If the validity of the passport is less than 60 days, it should be renewed.

After receiving an exit-only visa, the kafeel has no right to file a “huroob” report with the authorities.

The exit-only visa must then be cancelled so that the sponsor can report the worker as having absconded, often known as filing a case of “huroob.”

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The new revisions to the program for “enhancing contractual ties” have made things easier for both the worker and the employer by allowing both of them to use the service for issuance of a “final-exit” visa.

A new service has been launched that allows employers ten days to enquire about a worker’s request for the issue of a “final-exit” visa.

If the employer does not respond, the expatriate worker can apply for a “final-exit” visa, which is valid for 15 days from the date of issuance.

so please make sure  the things to be done to complete the “Final Exit” visa process Quickly in KSA.

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