Employers face jail time and a fine if they allow an expat to work for personal gain.

Employers face jail time and a fine if they allow an expat to work for personal gain.

Employers face jail time

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) stated that any Saudi employer who enables his expatriate worker to work for personal gain or in exchange for a monetary reward will face a maximum jail sentence of three months and penalties of SR50000.

According to Jawazat sources, the employer who committed this offence for the first time would face a one-month prison sentence and an SR5000 fine. If the employer commits the same offence a second time, the penalties are two months in prison and an SR20,000 fine, while a third time violation results in three months in prison and an SR50,000 punishment.

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Employers face jail time

According to Jawazat sources, the fine will be doubled by the number of workers whom the employer permitted to participate in employment for their own personal gain in breach of Labor Law rules in all situations. Trending Now: Saudi Arabia permits direct entrance of school and university instructors from countries with travel bans.

In the case of permitting self-employment of a worker, the Jawazat said that the employer will be prohibited from recruiting workers for a period of no less than one year. If the offence is committed a second or third time, the suspension will be increased to two years and three years, respectively.

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The Jawazat has warned that expatriates who work for their own personal gain would face a maximum prison sentence of six months and penalties of R50,000. After serving his jail sentence and paying his penalties, the self-employed expatriate will be deported.

According to the Jawazat source, any expatriate who works for anybody other than his original employer or for his own personal gain would be deported to his home country.

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If an expatriate hires another expatriate for his profit, the expatriate employer will be fined SR5,000 or imprisoned for a month, or both, in addition to having his residence status (iqama) revoked and being deported from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In such situations, if the employer is not the original employer, he will be fined SR5,000 for the first violation, SR10,000 or imprisonment for a month or both for the second violation, and SR20,000 or imprisonment for three months or both for the third violation, according to Jawazat sources. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News




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