Employee can be terminated only if the investigative panel makes a unanimous judgement.

Employee can be terminated only if the investigative panel makes a unanimous judgement.

Saudi Arabia’s Job Discipline Law

The executive regulations of Saudi Arabia’s Job Discipline Law require that an employee’s dismissal from service as part of disciplinary measures must be based on a unanimous judgement of the committee formed to investigate the allegations levelled against him.

A four-member investigative committee, consisting of a chairman and three members, including a representative from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development((MHRSD), shall be established, according to executive regulations reviewed by Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

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The probe panel can use electronic tools to conduct a remote investigation into the employee’s allegations. The employee who is facing accusations will be fully told about the disciplinary infractions that have been assigned to him, and he will be given the opportunity to clarify his position.

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Saudi Labor Law Article 80 (Termination without benefits).

The committee is required to deliver its findings to the minister within three months of the disciplinary breach being referred to it, according to the rule.

The employee has the right to challenge the committee’s decision. The executive rules of the Job Discipline Law, which was authorized by the Council of Ministers in September 2021, were recently approved by Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi.

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Before initiating disciplinary action against an erring employee, an employer might evaluate a variety of disciplinary procedures provided under Saudi labor rules and regulations.

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