Emirates ID is Enough at Airport – Dubai New Practice

Emirates ID is Enough at Airport – Dubai New Practice

No need to carry Vaccine Status & PCR result statement on hand. Emirates ID alone is enough New procedure in Dubai

Emirates ID is Enough at Airport – Dubai New Practice
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Emirates has announced that travellers from Dubai can now use their Emirates ID cards to show their vaccination and PCR status.

On the opening day of Health 2021, hosted at the Dubai World Trade Center, Emirates Airlines and Dubai Healthcare announced their partnership.

Emirates staff demonstrate how to verify passengers’ corona vaccination and PCR status by scanning their Emirates ID at the flight’s check-in kiosks at Dubai Airport, in accordance with Dubai’s paperless plan.

Emirates Flight Agent Statements

Passengers are requested to scan their Emirates ID when they arrive at the check-in desk, according to Emirates flight agent Solot.

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He further stated that if both doses of the vaccination are received, the validity of their PCR test results would be shown on our displays, eliminating the need for them to bring their immunization cards or PCR result reports with them and making the check-in procedure faster and easier.

With the Emirates ID scanned, it displays the name of the vaccination taken by the passenger, the date of the second dosage, and the location where the passenger obtained his immunization.

This technique of Emirates ID scanning is not required, but it is a clever alternative for passengers to finish the procedure quickly at ticket counters, saving both time and effort for passengers and employees. Otherwise, personnel would have to look at and confirm vaccination cards.

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So far, the airline has only accepted three DHA-approved vaccines:

Sinopharm, Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca and Sputnik V

We will scan travellers’ passports if they do not have an Emirates ID, according to Solot. If the Dubai Health Authority approves their vaccination, it will be automated. Otherwise, they must give their immunization card or a link to their card’s online version. He also stated that a passport scan might reveal the results of their PCR test.

Even if the passenger’s Emirates ID is checked, staff has promised that the passenger’s privacy will not be infringed. According to reports, the airline will only utilize the vaccination information in this system, and all other personal information provided by passengers would be disregarded.

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Emirates ID is Enough at Airport – Dubai New Practice


All passengers should also download the newly announced International Air Transport Association (IATA) Digital Travel Pass, according to Emirates personnel. This is a smartphone app. It enables tourists to establish a digital passport that serves as proof of their immunisation and testing records.

When a traveller uploads their documents to the IATA application, they will be able to get accurate information about the COVID-19 regulations, the isolated rules of the country they are visiting, the tests, vaccines, and other activities they will need before travelling, as well as where they can be tested. However, it should be noted that this program is presently only available for iPhones.

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