Email Marketing Best Practices | email marketing tips

let’s talk about email marketing, some of you, this might be a slightly uncomfortable conversation. Because, you might be thinking that email marketing is challenging, overwhelming, confusing all those kinds of things, maybe you feel like it’s super spammy and manipulative whatever you’re feeling about it.

Email Marketing Best Practices | email marketing tips
Email Marketing Best Practices | email marketing tips

my hope is that today’s coaching for creatives is going to help to shift your mindset and give you a new perspective on how amazing and powerful email marketing can be and specifically what are some of the different kinds of email marketing strategies that you can use in your creative freelancing business

I am Khan, and I am the founder of Gulf Tech+ where you learn about affiliate marketing and business creativity and this is coaching for creatives.



we’re going to keep on heading into the conversation about email marketing strategies, now specifically i want to talk about the two main kinds of strategies depending on whether you are trying to take someone on a buyer’s journey maybe there’s a new person to your email list and you’re wanting to move them through getting to know you,  getting to like you,  getting to trust you,  and then buying from you which is very different from you’ve got someone who’s been following you for a while,  or maybe they’re a past client they’ve already bought from you,  but they still want to hang around and get information and be nurtured and have a relationship with you, so the urgency and moving people through a buyer’s journey to hire you.

And then there’s a second kind of strategy or way of thinking about email using it to nurture relationship to provide content to stay connected and in touch with your past clients and with people who are just fans who maybe will never become clients or maybe will become clients down the road.  So, two very different strategies with both strategies whenever you’re communicating doing any kind of marketing communication.

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I really recommend that, you think of each email as an individual personal communication to say

  • “hey, I am thinking about you”
  • “hey, here is something you might be interested in”
  •  “hey, here is an invitation to connect with me”

So those are free broad categories that you can use to talk to your past clients,

your long-term fans people who may be aren’t at the beginning of getting to know you,

they already know who you are they already like and trust you,

they just maybe aren’t ready to buy at this moment,

these people really want to know more about who you are, authentically they want to know more about your story, they want you to share information that they care about.

  • this is where content strategy becomes powerful,
  • this is where you get to do education,
  • this is where you get to share information about your industry or techniques that you use.
  • It’s a wonderful way to give more of yourself and be more connected with your fan base.
Email Marketing Best Practices | email marketing tips
Email Marketing Best Practices | email marketing tips

The other kind of email marketing is what most of us are familiar with, where we get into the top of somebody’s funnel we sign up for their email and then suddenly, we get like emails one after the other, and for some of us that can feel like we’re being completely spammed where we’re having this email marketing.

Specifically, to take us through a journey and get us to buy crafting that series of messages

crafting those specific email sequences that are going to help people “get to know who you are”,   “get to like what you’re about” and resonate with your brand values the things that you care about,  “get to like your style”,  “get to like your approach and process” and “get to really trust you” and understand that you have credibility in the marketplace maybe they’ve seen some case studies some testimonials.

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So then they feel confident and comfortable enough to reach out and have a sales call or discovery call with you or maybe actually click the link to book you and book your services that kind of email marketing sequence can feel very intimidating at the beginning,  especially if you don’t have clarity about your marketing message or your brand voice or who you are speaking to when we’re talking to past clients and raving fans, we already know who they are, they’re part of our inner circle we probably can visualize their faces.

we can see them as individuals when we’re marketing, for the purpose of converting, we’re essentially starting with people who are relatively strangers to us and we may not feel as

  • comfortable with assuming or with understanding “who they are” and “what they care about”
  • and there’s a lot of information and blogs out there about how to write your welcome email
  • sequence how to write those first six emails is the recommended number of emails to help people get to know and like you.

There’s lots of tactical information what i want to offer you is,

  • “understanding which time, you want to use”
  • “which strategy for those of you that have a lot of past clients that maybe you haven’t reached out to for a while”
  • “for those of you that are looking at using referrals”

to get new clients and referrals and word of mouth gang are awesome you might want to create email sequence that connects to and helps people send you referrals maybe you’re in the place of leveraging some of the launch online funding that’s available in online or some other funding, and you’re thinking about upgrading your website or updating your social media and you’re gathering testimonials and case studies.

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so that can be a real intentional purpose and strategy whatever you’re doing, whether you’re marketing to past followers and fans, or you’re trying to convert new people you still need to answer the basic questions, “who are you talking to specifically”, and “what is your goal for that marketing communication”.

Most of the time it’s going to be to get a referral, or to have them act, or to have them visit your offer page book a call, and hire you whatever you’re doing with your email, you want to be clear about who you’re talking to, and what the end goal is for the overall strategy, and what the goal is for each piece of the communication.

When they take action on it email, is one of the most

respectful ways that we can communicate and interact with people who are either just getting to know us, or who are existing raving fans. So, I encourage you, if you have been struggling to embrace email marketing that you give it another look, because one of the challenges with marketing to followers on social media is that, we don’t have ownership of our follower list, we only have ownership of our email list meaning at any time.

These free social media platforms could kick us off, delete our profiles, they could change their terms, there’s all kinds of things that are risky when using only free platforms to market, even if you’re paying for ads, it’s still a free platform, so if you haven’t already start collecting email addresses and start considering what is going to be the goal of your email marketing communications, and who are you going to be speaking to when you send out those emails.

I hope that, this has been helpful as always, I love to see your comments regarding what you’ve learned from spending your time here.

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