Dubai Tops Global Cities Index for Third Consecutive Year, Ranks 23rd Globally – Gulf Insider


The city of Dubai has topped the charts to gain a spot among the top 25 global cities for the third consecutive year, according to Kearney’s 2023 Global Cities Index.

Considerable rank improvement was also observed among several other cities in the Gulf, including Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Muscat, and Doha, with the success attributed to resilient economic growth.

Topping the MENA region, Dubai retained its leading position, ranking 23rd globally. Abu Dhabi rose by 10 spots on the list this year, strengthening its position as an international hub.

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The index measures cities against five dimensions: human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, political engagement, and business activity.

Rudolph Lohmeyer, Kearney Partner, National Transformation Institute, said: “As global trade returns to normalised levels, key cities in the Gulf have emerged as beacons of prosperity, resilience, and opportunity.

“Their resilient economic performance amid challenging global conditions, combined with a concerted focus on promoting livability and talent attraction, has succeeded in drawing ever-greater numbers of expats, making them a remarkable success story in the post-pandemic world. A strong commitment to delivering on ambitious national visions and the maintenance of a regenerative mindset is paying off.”

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Brenna Buckstaff, Kearney Manager, National Transformations Institute, said: “In this shifting global landscape of distributed opportunity, top-tier global cities cannot take their positions for granted. The traditional hierarchy of leading cities will only become more fluid in the future as opportunities for growth and enhanced productivity become less concentrated during the coming waves of AI-driven innovation. Those cities that adopt a regenerative model—one that moves beyond resilience and thinks proactively—will have a competitive advantage.”

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European cities maintained steady momentum, while Asian cities such as Seoul, Osaka, and Chenna showed significant growth.



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