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Dubai Taxi Corporation has started using artificial intelligence to track the performance of 14,500 drivers and 7,200 vehicles.

DTC said it will use the technology at its control centre to monitor taxis, limousines, school buses, public buses, and motorcycles.

The control centre helps DTC, a subsidiary of Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, provide taxis and public transport services in areas where they are needed most, particularly during events.

“The centre assists senior management in making swift and efficient decisions, in addition to providing a key schedule for events organised in Dubai to distribute on-demand taxi fleet and redirecting vacant vehicles to high-demand areas,” said Ammar Al Braiki, director of fleet operations at DTC.

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It also monitors drivers’ behaviour and tracks the routes of vehicles, which include 1,000 school buses, 600 delivery motorcycles, and 400 limousines.

DTC said it has placed significant emphasis on monitoring school bus trips to ensure pupils’ safety and timely arrival at schools and homes.

In addition to monitoring the operation of 5,200 taxis, the centre supports drivers, responds to their needs, and measures daily vehicle movement efficiency.

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In August, Dubai introduced a new high-tech bus that has a range of smart features, including surveillance cameras and systems to ensure no child is left on board at the end of a journey and to monitor pupil movement while in transit.

A radio frequency identification system makes it possible to electronically note which pupils are on board with the use of special tags.

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The buses are also fitted with GPS tracking and an automatic fire suppression system.

The bus also has an alert system that connects directly to a control centre in case of an emergency.

School buses in Abu Dhabi are also equipped with special cameras to identify drivers who do not stop when indicated by the vehicle’s retractable stop sign, used when pupils are disembarking. Motorists who do not stop are fined Dh1,000 and receive 10 black points.



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