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Siblings Tia and Rio, members of the Dubai family known as TeamAngelWolf, have achieved a remarkable feat by setting a new Guinness World Record.

Together, they have set the record for the ‘fastest time to complete an Olympic distance triathlon while carrying another person.’

While 20-year-old Rio is a person of determination, his 16-year-old sister Tia, who carried her brother in this multisport race, attributes their achievement largely to the latter’s encouragement.

Tia said, “On the bike, when it got really tough, I could hear Rio singing the most random songs and clapping and shouting, saying keep going…Go, Go, Go. It just made everything 100 times better.”

Tia achieved the feat of finishing the race by swimming 1.5 kilometres while pulling Rio in a kayak, cycling 50 kilometres on a specially designed bike with Rio seated in the front, and ultimately running 10 kilometres while pushing Rio in a running chair.

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While she had her moments of doubt, Tia explains her brother remained composed.

”On the day we had the triathlon, Rio was very calm. Rio lives in the moment, so he doesn’t really know what’s about to happen. We all explained to him that we were about to do a race. This is also the longest race I’ve ever done.”

Once Rio got into the atmosphere of a triathlon and saw all the athletes, his sister explained she could see him getting excited and even understood what was about to happen.

“During the swim, I couldn’t see him because he was behind me but on the bike, because he was in front of me, he was singing, he was clapping and laughing,” she added.

Tia admits that she briefly doubted herself but found motivation in doing it as a team — for her brother and herself.

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“I was really exhausted by the end of the bike, especially with all the heat and the wind. That’s when I doubted myself a bit and I was thinking what if I don’t make it? What if I get too tired? Then I thought that I was doing this for Rio and me. Whether we get it or not, I’ll still be very proud of myself and Rio anyway. So, then I started trying to think positive and then I got into the rhythm with running and crossed the finish line six minutes earlier.”

Their combined efforts resulted in completing the race in a remarkable time of 3 hours, 39 minutes, and 37 seconds, which is an impressive five minutes faster than the Guinness World Record threshold of 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Although they had participated in the triathlon in the month of March in Dubai, they had to wait for a while, to hear about the outcome from Guinness.

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“We had to send emails to Guinness with evidence like my timings, my distance and they wanted witnesses. They said it would take up to almost three months for them to approve it or not. So, I wasn’t sure, but I knew I had the time, but didn’t know what they would say finally. When I figured out, we got the record, I was so happy. In fact, I was shocked.”

“Rio and I were at a coffee shop one morning. My parents came up to us and asked us to close our eyes and then they gave me this cardboard box which I opened with Rio. It was a Guinness World Record. Rio and I were very happy. It was all framed,” added the young adult.


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