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Dubai Metro has set a new milestone in operational excellence, logging more than 16.8 million hours of specialised maintenance work since its inception in 2009, covering carriages, rails and tunnel maintenance.

Managed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the urban rail service has also achieved a punctuality rate of 99.7 per cent, exceeding international safety benchmarks.

Since its inauguration 14 years ago, Dubai Metro has also completed more than 1 million kilometres in travel distance, demonstrating high levels of operational sustainability.

Maintenance teams have covered 30,000 kilometres on foot during their inspection tours.

Leveraging advanced technology, RTA has employed specialised apps and systems to streamline maintenance activities, aligning with its ambitious paperless strategy and plans to raise efficiency.

These milestones reaffirm Dubai Metro’s commitment to setting global standards in urban transportation.

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From the outset, RTA has been keen to ensure the highest global standards of maintenance for the metro system.

The process, which skilled professionals with international experts oversaw, was dedicated to preserving the metro’s infrastructure, trains, stations and systems.

Over the past 14 years, RTA strived to sustain the metro’s assets, using cutting-edge technology to raise maintenance efficiency and ensure a seamless and high-quality user experience.

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RTA conducts two categories of preventive maintenance: the first, light maintenance conducted every 14 days or quarterly and the second, overhaul (comprehensive) maintenance.

The latter, which involves periodic inspections and overhauling of trains based on mileage, is routinely performed for each train after every 750,000 km.

Each train undergoes a 15-day overhauling process. About 1 million manhours were devoted to meticulously maintaining 79 trains and ensuring their optimal performance. A dedicated team of 70 employees conducts maintenance working around the clock.

Overhauls are conducted in a fully-equipped workshop located at the Al Qusais Depot.

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The Dubai Metro’s fleet boasts 129 trains, comprising 50 modern units and the initial batch of 79 trains, which have recently undergone maintenance.

With Dubai Metro covering a total of more than 1 million kilometres so far, it is currently conducting its second overhaul maintenance, the highest level of an overhaul.

This process involves the inspection and refurbishment of all 14 train systems, encompassing components like the metro carriage systems, gear unit, traction motor, brake system, train door system, pneumatic valves and air conditioning systems.

Since the metro’s inception, overhauling teams have undertaken rail grinding for a combined length of 800 km.

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