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A new private jet service for dogs has been launched in Dubai by K9 JETS. The private pet charter company announced the launch of its inaugural private flight for dogs from Dubai to London, scheduled to depart at the end of the month.

The first-ever flight for dogs and dog owners is set to take the skies on September 26, 2023. A ticket will set you back $9,925 which covers a seat for the pet and the owner.

Check-in will take place at a deluxe private terminal at Dubai’s Maktoum International Airport with a dedicated welcome team and a grassy area for pets to “relax and enjoy” prior to their flight.

According to the International Pet and Transport Association (IPATA), pet travel has seen an upward trend in recent years with over four million pets and animals being transported internationally every year.

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The new private jet service was launched with the aim to accommodate the demand of UAE passengers travelling to the UK and possibly relocating back to the country with their pets.

The flight will depart from Al Maktoum International Airport to Farnborough, UK.

Only limited spaces are available aboard the private jet. The route will see regular flights throughout the year and into next year with further dates yet to be revealed.

This will be the first of its kind in Dubai, however, the company has already flown over 200 pets from global hubs including Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

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Adam Golder, Co-Founder, of K9 JETS said, “We’re thrilled to be launching the inaugural Dubai to London K9 JETS flight this month. To date, we have flown over 220 happy jet-setting pets and their owners on international flights from destinations including Paris, London, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Lisbon. Our newly introduced Dubai route is our maiden flight in the Middle East and we’re looking forward to expanding our network to include routes farther East to Asia, Australia and beyond in 2024.

“With one of the largest expatriate populations in the world, Dubai residents have expressed a need for pet-friendly relocation flights, and K9 JETS is more than happy to deliver. We’re excited to be welcoming our two and four-legged guests on board in a few weeks and to increase routes as demand dictates,” he added.

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Prior to the availability of this service, according to IPATA, those who wanted to fly their canine companions over international waters had to observe the rules and guidelines of commercial airlines, in most cases, only allowing smaller pets to travel in the cabin and the larger pets would have to travel in the cargo compartment or as excess baggage, causing emotional distress.


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