DRB1921, 320km Speed Challenge new Saudi Supercar club

DRB 1921, 320km Speed Challenge, Saudi Supercar Club

DRB 1921 –  Saudi Supercar Club

Extreme Events has announced the inauguration of DRB 1921, a supercar members’ club, as part of its growing range of unique experiences in Saudi Arabia.

The club organizes tailored events and excursions at some of the world’s most famous locations, including internationally renowned race courses like Silver stone International Circuit in the United Kingdom.

“Thrilling driving activities will be combined with exquisite accommodations, world-class curation, attention to detail, and customer service to draw members back time and time again,” according to a statement.

The name DRB 1921 was inspired by an Arabic meaning of route (DRB) and a commemorative year when historians recorded the first motor vehicles arrived in Saudi Arabia, sparking the nation’s enthusiasm for cars.

Furthermore, this year commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Kingdom’s use of automobiles. DRB 1921 is prepared to deliver excellent experiences targeted to people who enjoy state-of-the-art technology and an exciting ride, thanks to its wealth and enthusiasm for driving.

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Each event is meticulously planned to satisfy the expectations of all attendees and produce the most unforgettable moments. Trending Now: MG Launching RX8 Black Edition in the Middle East

320km Speed Challenge

DRB 1921 provides remarkable experiences in a controlled environment with expert supervision, allowing everyone to test their driving limits and truly tap each car’s potential. With each supercar having its own unique nuances and an average top speed of over 420 km/h, DRB 1921 provides remarkable experiences in a controlled environment with expert supervision, allowing everyone to test their driving limits and truly tap each car’s potential.

DRB 1921 offers car owners a once-in-a-lifetime driving experience, whether it’s a picturesque trip through Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful and undiscovered regions or an exhilarating speed challenge at an internationally known race track. Trending Now: Matte finish on BMW & LEXUS Maintenance is easy

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Maintaining a matte finish on BMW & LEXUS is easier than you think.


The name DRB 1921 is derived from the Arabic word for route (DRB) and a commemorative year when historians recognized the arrival of the first motor vehicles in the Kingdom, igniting the nation’s passion for automobiles.

Each voyage is accompanied by the pinnacle of luxury hospitality and excellent food, as well as a gathering of like-minded supercar owners.

DRB 1921 works with several top suppliers around the world, including CARS Middle East (Classic Automotive Relocation Services), to provide the best service and concierge for members’ luxury cars, as well as a personal brokerage service that is extremely discreet, ensuring complete anonymity for each client.

On September 30, DRB 1921 will hold its debut event “320km Speed Challenge” for individuals who are ready to master the maximum peak speed in these high-velocity road vehicles.

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320km Speed Challenge

The event takes place on the Saudi Aviation Club’s private non-commercial runway at Al-Thumama, north of Riyadh.

This 4.5-kilometer-long runway was originally designated by NASA as one of the few landing locations for failed space shuttle flights across the world.

​Supercar owners can join a devoted community for a thrilling driving experience and an unforgettable day out on this day.

“Extreme Events is ecstatic to bring DRB 1921 to Saudi Arabia because it allows supercar owners to put their talents to the test and uncover the true potential of their vehicles in a safe environment,” said James Cooke-Priest, managing director of Extreme Events. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News

“The notion also promotes a specialized group to gather and exchange diverse experiences of driving extremely sophisticated supercars,” he said. DRB 1921, I believe, will become more than simply a private club; it will become a communal center for like-minded vehicle aficionados throughout the Kingdom.”


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