COVID-19 restrictions in QATAR will be reinstated as of tomorrow.

COVID-19 restrictions in QATAR will be reinstated as of tomorrow.

COVID-19 restrictions in QATAR

Qatar will reimpose commercial activity restrictions on Saturday, following a recent surge in COVID-19 infections in the nation.

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The new limitations include a prohibition on shisha services in eateries, a 75 percent reduction in shopping centre capacity, and only allowing fully vaccinated clients to enter.

At fitness clubs, capacity will be cut in half, with only fully vaccinated customers and personnel having access, and shower, cloak, and sauna facilities will be closed.

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travellers heading to India would be subject to quarantine.

The capacity of beauty salons will be cut in half, and only vaccinated clients and personnel will be allowed access.

COVID-19 restrictions in QATAR

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Saudi Aramco plans to manufacture hydrogen powered vehicles in the country.

Other limits include permitting up to 15 vaccinated persons to attend outdoor social gatherings and up to 10 vaccinated people to attend indoor social gatherings, with the exclusion of members of the same household.

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The capacity of public transportation will likewise be limited to 60%.

Physical separation and face masking will be resumed in mosques across Qatar starting Saturday, and non-vaccinated worshipers will not be permitted in.

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