RSIFF announces ‘Cinema Al-Hara,’ a programme to teach Saudi youngsters about acting, directing, and producing.

RSIFF announces ‘Cinema Al-Hara,’ a programme to teach Saudi youngsters about acting, directing, and producing.

The Red Sea Film Festival will be held on the streets of Jeddah.

Cinema Al-Hara, a first-of-its-kind community outreach initiative consisting of outdoor master workshops and cinema screenings in several Jeddah districts, is being presented by the Red Sea International Film Festival.

The proactive approach of the programme was motivated by the notion of bringing the festival directly to the people in the heart of Jeddah. Six screenings will be held in four distinct districts of Jeddah as part of Cinema Al-Hara. The programme will run from October 9 through October 30, 2021.

The Red Sea International Film Festival’s goal is to make the film business more accessible to people of all ages. With this community engagement initiative, the firm is especially targeting Saudi kids to inspire the next generation of filmmakers who would not have chosen filmmaking as a profession otherwise.

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However, all Jeddah residents are welcome to engage and participate in the program’s seminars and films.

“Saudi Arabia is rich with latent talent,” said Edouard Waintrop, artistic director of the (RedSeaIFF), “and it is one of our goals to allow our local talents to fulfil their potential.” We have brought the film business to the streets of Jeddah through our Cinema Al-Hara community outreach programme in an effort to educate, empower, and ignite an interest in the young by providing them with the means to succeed and developing their potential. Trending Now: Real Estate and Cinema vocations in the Kingdom are being saudized.

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Cinema Al-Hara

” Red Sea International Film Festival aspires to be a pioneer in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world, not only for its festival activities, partnerships, and competitions, but also for the influence our community outreach initiatives have on future generations.

Due to the overwhelming support of the local filmmaking community, Cinema Al-Hara will include six directors and three actors from throughout the Kingdom. The master class will take the form of filming a scene in front of a live audience while being guided by the directors and actors in attendance.

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The audience will be engaged in an experience adventure, as three to five members of the public will be chosen based on their ticket numbers to assist in filming the scene as extras or crew.

The Red Sea International Film Festival will offer movie screenings as well as complementary beverages and snacks to the public. Book of Sun, Baghdad Messi, and Bekas are among the films that will be played at Cinema Al-Hara and were chosen for their young appeal. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News

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