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What are the similarities between our on-demand culture, rapid technological innovation, and globalisation? These are some of the most important factors influencing job growth today. 

Although many jobs will be eliminated, others will be created to meet new demands. They are as follows:

Online instructor

Online education is a significant trend in future professions. Teachers have begun to recognise the potential of the virtual class, which leads to achieving a more substantial number of students.

This is the greatest weapon for experts who want to expand their knowledge-sharing business. The online course market is becoming more specialised and disseminated.

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Computer programmers

They are and will continue to be highly valued experts in the market. They are members of the team that develops new tools to automate processes.

This technological era would not exist today if developers did not exist. They analyse, comprehend, execute, and maintain platforms and write the code that supports business and services.

Creators’ advisors

Some numerous agencies and professionals manage the career paths of digital influencers, and the number is expected to grow as new creators emerge.

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Advisors to creators help them secure partnerships with companies, but they also guide and manage their career paths.


This professional is in charge of interacting with clients and societies around a company, gathering feedback to improve the company and the company’s position with these people.

Some businesses already have people in this situation, which will undoubtedly grow in the coming years. It is a vital role within organisations because they are the ones who build the all-around culture company and create brand fans.

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Bottom line

Leaders should use the future workforce as a lens through which to plan for their organisations. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be prepared for change.


The future of work will unfold in real-time to mirror  how the labour market is trying to adapt in the face of technological innovation and disruption. The Index employs real-world data on Bahrain job openings to examine the imagined possibilities of future jobs that are beginning to emerge.


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