Backlisted in Saudi Arabia: Explanation & How to Find

Backlisted in Saudi Arabia: Explanation & How to Find

Is there a way to check to see whether your fingerprints have been blacklisted or restricted in Saudi Arabia? Below, we’ve gone over everything in great depth.

Due to criminal conduct, you have been placed on Blacklist.

It’s also worth mentioning that if an expatriate participates in illegal behavior, he or she will be permanently forbidden from returning to Saudi Arabia. If a case was made against him but he left before it could be prosecuted, he would be detained and sent to Saudi Arabia for inquiry and prosecution as soon as he landed in any GCC nation.

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Huroob has put him on Blacklist.

If your sponsor has designated you as an absconder (Huroob), which means you have failed to report to work, authorities will begin searching for you and deporting you as soon as they locate you.

What is the duration of the ban if you are deported due to Huroob?

been placed on Blacklist-1

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Due to an exit re-entry visa, you’ve been placed on blacklist.

It used to be the rule of thumb that if an employer didn’t report you, you wouldn’t be blacklisted or barred.

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Employees who leave the country on an exit re-entry visa and do not return are now immediately prohibited.

Is it possible for Kafeel to put an expat on a blacklist?

The Ministry of Interior is the only one who can put an expat on a no-fly list. The Kafeel has no jurisdiction to request the MOI or to place a foreign employee on a no-fly list.

If an expat employee participates in fraudulent activity, the employer reports it, and a court issues an injunction against the foreigner, the MOI will place the foreigner on a blacklist and restrict them from returning to Saudi Arabia.

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Check to see if you’re on any Saudi Arabian blacklists. Online

I checked all over the internet but couldn’t discover a way to check if you’re on the Saudi Arabian blacklist. This portal has not yet been made available to the general public by the government. There must be a way to check it online, but it isn’t open to the general public yet.

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