Bahrain has renewed its Red List and has suspended entry from six countries. | Bahrain suspended entry


Bahrain suspended entry from 6 countries

Due to the outbreak of a novel corona virus type (Covid-19), the Kingdom of Bahrain has halted international flights to six nations.

Bahraini Civil Aviation Affairs said that the red list system would be reactivated, with six countries added to the list:

Kingdom of Eswatini

Kingdom of Lesotho

Republic of Zimbabwe

Republic of Botswana

Republic of Namibia

Republic of South Africa, Trending Now:

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bahrain suspended entry from 6 countries

Entry of travellers from countries on the red list will be suspended on all aircraft, including those arriving from these countries who will visit Bahrain briefly, according to Bahrain’s Civil Aviation Affairs.

However, Bahraini citizens and holders of valid residence permits from the Kingdom of Bahrain will be exempt from the restrictions, and all other processes previously established for people arriving from countries not on the red list would be followed. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News.

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