Bahrain: Stagnant Air Traffic Reported During Ramadan – Gulf Insider

Despite the usual high travel demand in the lead-up to Ramadan, travel agents have reported stagnant traffic this year.

According to reports, many travel companies were preparing for a busy season but have not seen the expected increase in inquiries and ticket sales.

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For example, a leading travel and tours company senior manager noted that this year, February and March have been “flat months,” with fewer tickets being purchased than usual.

While travel companies expect a surge in flight fares around the Eid period, they believe people may have a different urge to travel than they did after Covid.

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However, they still anticipate increased inquiries and ticket sales after Eid, especially as the school holidays begin.

Reports also suggest that airlines may raise their prices during the holiday when flights are in demand. Still, prices are expected to return to normal levels after the popular travel times are finished.

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