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Bahrain’s High Criminal Court opened a hearing in the case of a 24-year-old man who was arrested by the police for allegedly concealing drugs in an unoccupied plot in Muharraq.

According to the police, the Asian suspect was digging a hole to bury drugs in the vacant piece of land, which was under surveillance for detecting suspicious activities, when he was arrested.

“We rushed to the scene and apprehended him, where we also retrieved a bag containing narcotics from him,” an investigating officer told the court.

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The location had been under surveillance since receiving a tip-off that a vacant plot in Muharraq was being used as a drop-off point for narcotics shipments.

Court records indicate that traffickers were disguising drugs as “dead mail” to make them untraceable due to the use of erroneous or indecipherable addresses.

Following further questioning, the defendant admitted to his involvement in the trafficking of both heroin and methamphetamine within the Kingdom.

During the court hearing, an officer from the Anti-Narcotics Department, who had been assigned to monitor the vacant plot in Muharraq, testified that he had observed the suspect engaging in suspicious activities.

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The officer stated, “He exhibited suspicious behaviour, constantly surveying his surroundings to ensure that he remained unnoticed, and suddenly sat down and started digging hastily.

I took him into custody, and during the subsequent interrogation, he confessed to distributing narcotics through the deceptive method of ‘dead mail.’”

“Furthermore,” the officer continued, “we discovered a white bag containing methamphetamine in his possession. Based on a warrant, we also searched his home, leading to the discovery of additional contraband.

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“From there, we found a white bag containing methamphetamine, as well as another with heroin, concealed within a drawer in his room.

“In addition to these illicit substances, a plastic spoon, three precision scales, three mobile phones, six SIM cards, and a memory card were also seized during the search,” the officer disclosed to the court.



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