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Thanks to the high demand and commercial value of ancient Arab coins and notes in the region, interest in the subject is emerging in Bahrain. As a part of the regional study hub programme, a group of numismatic experts is gathering to showcase ancient Arab coins and notes to the world at the end of this year.

According to them, there are more than four hundred numismatic experts in the Kingdom. Time after time, they organise exhibitions and auctions to promote ancient coins and notes to the general public.
“We can reflect the culture and deep history of our country and show the world that the Bahraini numismatics are well educated and well- rounded with other cultures too,” numismatic expert Mohamed Abdulhakeem Alaradi said.

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Alaradi is a member of the International Banknote Society (IBNS) and the American Numismatics Association. He is also the founder of Arados Auction House in Bahrain. A numismatic expert, Hafedh Abdulghaffar, said: “Each coin is not just a piece of copper or metal, but a reflection of a country’s history and glory.”

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“In some countries, this kind of hobby has been developed and introduced to the school’s curriculum,”, he added. Experts highlighted that promoting ancient Arab coins and notes through exhibitions, lectures, or cultural programmes is a good initiative to educate the new generation about their history.

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“My father started collecting coins and currencies from countries he was visiting, which my sister continued. They inspired me to do the same,” Mohamed Yacoub Aljanahi said. “This is a good investment and an interesting hobby with benefits,” he added.

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