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Apple this week had to deal with France urging the company to halt all sales of iPhone 12 units and even announce a recall due to concerns about radiation standards. While the company disagrees with the accusations, other European countries seem to agree with France. Amid this situation, Apple has reportedly asked its employees to keep quiet about the radiation levels of the iPhone 12.

Apple keeping quiet about iPhone 12 radiation concerns

Apple has advised its tech support team not to provide any information when consumers ask about radiation risks. Workers have been instructed to say they “have nothing to share.” They were also told to reinforce that phones can’t be returned or replaced two weeks after purchase.

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“Customers asking if the phone is safe should answer be told that all Apple products go through rigorous testing to ensure that they’re safe, according to the guidance,” the report says.

According to the French regulator, iPhone 12 devices exceed the legal limits for radiation exposure. France’s digital and telecommunications minister has warned Apple to release a software update to reduce the levels of radiation emitted by the iPhone 12. Otherwise, the device will be banned from the country.

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Of course, Apple claims that the iPhone 12, just like any other of its devices, has undergone rigorous safety tests that certify that the device is safe for consumers. At the same time, the company just discontinued the iPhone 12 on Tuesday following the announcement of the iPhone 15, but France is also concerned about people who have already bought the phone.

More countries join France against Apple

While Apple tries to deal with the situation in France, other countries are getting ready to confront the tech company with similar allegations. Consumer rights groups in Germany and Spain have already expressed concerns about the iPhone 12’s radiation levels, while Belgium’s regulator has already confirmed that it’s “reviewing potential health risks” regarding the device.

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iPhone 12 was announced in October 2020 with four different versions: the iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. Apple no longer sells any of these models officially, although you can still find them in other stores.



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