Absher clarifies three points: password, job title, and Id renewal.

Absher clarifies three points: password, job title, and Id renewal.

In Saudi Arabia, the Absher platform revealed the actions to take in the event of losing the Absher account password or altering the work title, as well as the method of communication in the event of rejection to renew the identification.

In response to a beneficiary’s question about what to do if the password is forgotten, the Absher platform clarified that updating the mobile number requires visiting the Absher self-service machines, booking an appointment, and visiting the registration and activation staff at the civil status or Jawazat.

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Absher clarifies three points

According to the Absher platform, altering the job title or qualification may be done by logging into your account, going to “My Services,” then “Civil Status,” selecting “Communication Service,” then “Civil Registry Services,” and making the request. Read More: Only employees who have received complete vaccination are entitled to automatic sick leave, according to the Ministry of Health.

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The Absher platform also responded to a beneficiary’s query, in which one inquired, “I filed a national identification renewal request through the Absher website, paid the fee, and received a notice indicating the request was denied.” How can I get my money back?

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The beneficiary in this scenario might offer the identity number, the name of the bank, and a phone number to contact through private message, according to the Absher platform. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News Playlist.


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