11 Expats were arrested on charges of Financial Fraud in Saudi Arabia

11 Expats were arrested on charges of Financial Fraud in Saudi Arabia

Posted by : Aahil Shaik
Wednesday, September 6, 2023

11 Expats were arrested on charges of Financial Fraud in Saudi Arabia

The Public Prosecution for Financial Fraud in Saudi Arabia has concluded its investigation into a criminal organization made up of 11 expatriates of Pakistani nationality on charges of money fraud. New Video : Employers need to pay for 6 things of their Expat workers

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The investigative procedures showed that 11 expats committed financial fraud by communicating with the victims via text messages, convincing them to update their bank information, and then obtaining their personal information in order to access their bank accounts and take their money.

– They were arrested and taken to the court, where they were found guilty of the charges against them and sentenced to the maximum penalty allowed, 7 years in prison for each of them, after presenting evidence supporting their accusation. See Also : Benefits of working on night shift for a worker – HR expert

– They will be send back to their home country from the Kingdom once their sentences were complete.

– The Public Prosecution stated that it will continue to protect the funds from all sorts of illegal activity and will bring anyone who confessed guilty to harming them before the court to seek harsh punishment. Recommend : New updated penalties on labor law violations

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